Application Period Now Open for Native American Language-Immersion Grants

For more than thirty-seven years, the has been working to restore Native American control and culturally compatible stewardship of the assets they own — including land, human potential, cultural heritage, and natural resources — and to establish new assets for ensuring the long-term vitality of Native American communities across the United States.

To that end, First Nations is accepting applications for its new Native Language Immersion Initiative (NLII). Through the program, the institute will award up to twelve three-year grants of up to $90,000 each to build the capacity of and directly support Native language-immersion and culture-retention programs.

Under NLII, First Nations is seeking to build dialogue and a community of practice around Native language-immersion programs, as well as consensus around and momentum for Native language programs. Through the initiative, which includes American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian language programs, First Nations seeks to stem the loss of Indigenous languages and cultures by supporting new generations of Native American language speakers and establishing infrastructure and models for Native language-immersion programs that can be replicated in other communities.

Eligibility is limited to U.S.-based tribal government programs, tribal 7871 entities, Native-controlled nonprofit organizations, and Native-controlled community organizations with a fiscal sponsor.

For complete program guidelines and application information, see the First Nations website.


Deadline: April 01, 2018