Mission:  To provide resilience practitioners with an online community where they can connect and collaborate to build a safer, stronger future for communities around the globe.

Background: Recently launched by the  in partnership with the , , and , Zilient is an online platform dedicated to supporting a diverse community of resilience experts working to help cities, regions, governments, organizations, and individuals prepare for, adapt to, and thrive in the face of climate-related stress and shocks. To that end, the platform is designed to help advance the work of resilience practitioners and experts with the latest news and research; forge connections among those practitioners and experts; and surface innovative resilience concepts and solutions to climate-related challenges.

Outstanding Web Features: Based on feedback from thousands of scholars and practitioners, Zilient uses human editors and the latest technology to aggregate/curate high-quality content and forge meaningful connections among resilience professionals working in academia, NGOs/INGOs, and the public and private sectors. Visitors to the site can browse recent news organized by channel (, , , , , , , and ), and the site's robust  functionality makes it easy to find related items of interest. Visitors who have registered with the site also can ,  (on and offline) based on their particular interests, and connect with potential . 

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July 5, 2018