Youth Philanthropy Worldwide

Youth Philanthropy Worldwide

To inspire young people in the United States to contribute to the global community.

Founded in 2001, Youth Philanthropy Worldwide seeks to harness the potential of America's Generation Y (born between 1980 and 1995) to tackle the world's most serious problems. Numbering almost 71 million, this ethnically and racially diverse, Internet-connected group collectively controls more than $211 billion annually — most of which they spend but also a lesser extent, invest, save, or donate. To inspire and mobilize Gen-Y to support grassroots efforts around the world, YPW has used the as a framework for workshops, events, and school presentations created for youth. The organization is in the process of changing its name to New Global Citizens, starting with its URL and logo.

Outstanding Web Features:
The new YPW Web site, which can be slow to load but is easy to navigate, highlights the world's — among them, poverty, gender equality, and HIV/AIDS — around which YPW programs are organized. The site also provides information on , groups of young people committed to global change; the initiative; , including Ashoka and the Global Fund for Women; ; with inspirational photographs and quotes; and . In addition, it connects users to news about the organization and links to blogs about its current projects.

Executive Director and Co-Founder: Nicole Sanchez
Main Office:
1794 Fifth Street
Berkeley, California 94710
Tel: (510) 849-2064
Tel: (510) 849-2065
Subjects: children / youth


February 2, 2017