Mission: To provide users of the site with up-to-date weather forecasts, trending climate news, and weather-related information through a local climate lens.

Background: Launched by , WXshift (pronounced "weather shift") is a nonpartisan website that combines local weather forecasts customized by ZIP code with a century's worth of temperature, rainfall, snowfall, and drought data to help the public understand the localized effects of climate change. 

Outstanding Web Features: Visitors to the site can explore  and/or weather patterns and climate change effects by region, state, or trend. By clicking on the "" key, visitors can browse weather and climate news related to ten indicators (, , , , , , , , , and ), as well as a series of short videos produced by meteorologists that connect today's weather events and trends to the larger climate picture. In addition, the site's page includes information on the recent hurricane activity in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico; the correlation between intensified ; and information for people in Florida and the Southeast about how they can help researchers . 

Main Office:
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Tel: (609) 911-3800
Organization: climate central
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November 8, 2017