The Great Divide: Global Income Inequality and Its Cost

The Great Divide: Global Income Inequality and Its Cost

To explore the "ground truth" of inequality through the lenses of education, race, immigration, health care, government, labor, and natural resources.

A project of , with support from the and in partnership with the , (Gini) highlights degrees of income inequality in America by pairing U.S. cities and foreign countries or metropolitan areas that have similar Gini coefficients. A standard measure of inequality, a Gini coefficient of 0 indicates perfect equality across the population, while a a Gini coefficient of 1 represents absolute inequality in which one person owns everything. GlobalPost then dispatched reporters and photographers to investigate what inequality looks like in each of these places.

Outstanding Web Features:
Visitors to the site can explore an interactive map (created in partnership with the ) that shows the Gini coefficient for each country. Users can click on select locations to see which city has a similar level of inequality and view the Gini coefficient, poverty rate, and income per capita, as well as articles and photographs that explore the realities of the income divide in each of the paired cities. A drop-down menu lists the Gini coefficient for each of 362 U.S. metropolitan areas and the country that most closely matches it in inequality. Visitors to the site can also browse feature articles and photo essays, follow photographers' Instagram posts, and keep abreast of developments through the site's .

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