The Giving Effect

The Giving Effect


 To create a national movement to get food and other life essentials to people in need.


 Building on the success of , a book-trading Web site, the Giving Effect is an online portal designed to make it easy for people to share items they no longer need or want with others in their community. Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, the site also is designed to make it convenient to donate to a person or group in need and creates stories around each donation that can be shared online to help inspire others to give. Nearly 1,500 causes are included on the site.


Outstanding Web Features:
 Visitors to the site can sign in using or . Once logged in, they can by interest, donation item, and delivery preference (having their donation picked up, dropped off, or sent via postal service) and/or or . The site also includes information on , a , an , and links to the organization's profile pages on and .

Co-Founder and CEO: Mitchell Silverman
Main Office:
177 Water Street
Brooklyn, New York 11215
Subjects: human services


November 7, 2018