The Best Place to Be a Social Entrepreneur 2016

The Best Place to Be a Social Entrepreneur 2016

Mission:  To identify and highlight countries that are creating the best environment for social entrepreneurs.

Background: The , the corporate charity of , in partnership with , and the , conducted an evaluation earlier this summer of forty-five of the world's biggest economies (as ranked by the ) to find out which countries are creating the best environment for social entrepreneurs. In each of the countries, the foundation contacted at least twelve experts (and as many as twenty), including academics, investors, policy makers, support network staff, and social entrepreneurs themselves, and solicited their views on the climate for social entrepreneurship in that country. In total, 880 experts were contacted, and 619 provided responses, for a response rate of 70 percent. Of those who responded, about 50 percent identified themselves as social entrepreneurs, and 48 percent were women.

According to the poll, the was rated as the best place to be a social entrepreneur, followed by , the , , , , , , and . The poll also identified Santiago (the capital of Chile) and Nairobi (the capital of Kenya) as the leading hotspots for social entrepreneurs, followed by Berlin, London, and Hong Kong. Among other things, the survey responses show that experts believe that women are well represented in leadership roles in social enterprises, and that Asia, in particular the , Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Indonesia, offer the most favorable environment for female social entrepreneurs.

Outstanding Web Features: The site, which relies on vertical scrolling, is organized into four areas: Home, Stories, Expert Views, and Methodology. The main area of the site () lists the top-ranked countries and shows how they ranked, relative to other top-ranked countries, in six categories: government support, attracting skilled staff, public understanding, making a living, gaining momentum, and access to investment. A bottom panel also provides quick access to longer-form examinations of some of the issues discussed in the and areas of the site, including fears for social entrepreneurs in Britain in the wake of the Brexit vote; major challenges for business leaders looking to do good; and the places where women are most actively leading social enterprises. Visitors to the area of the site will find a list of the questions posed to experts, along with the polling results, by country, for that question, as well as a separate section dedicated to the women's poll results. Visitors also can download a zipped Excel file with complete data for both polls.

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