Teacher Wall

Teacher Wall


 To enable teachers to share ideas on teaching and add their voices to the discussion of America's public schools.


 Launched by , the , and , Teacher Wall is an online platform designed to help educators share best practices, their thoughts on public schools and education in the United States, and their ideas for education reform. At the time of the site's launch in September, more than three thousand teachers had shared something on the site and more than eight thousand videos had been posted, covering a wide range of topics, including the challenges teachers face in their classrooms, successes they have achieved, and strategies for their professional development.


Outstanding Web Features:
 Teacher Wall features an by Melinda Gates as well as thousands of user-submitted videos arranged by , topic, and location. can upload videos in response to posed on the site related to their teaching practice and classroom experiences and share content via social networking sites with friends and family.

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February 14, 2019