To establish national service as a universal American ethic, leading to the passage of a new national service act.

ServiceNation, a campaign to encourage citizen service, was created by , , , and the . The campaign, which was launched on September 11-12, 2008, in New York City with a summit supported by the , encourages Americans to sign a Declaration of Service and commit a year of their lives to national service. Following the launch, ServiceNation will hold events in local communities to demonstrate the impact of service in America until national legislation is passed.

Outstanding Web Features:
The ServiceNation Web site offers several ways to help spread the national service meme, including , which enables community stakeholders to share the ServiceNation message on ; the ; a ; and an full of handy tips for volunteer organizers. Visitors to the site can also sign up for or to ; submit an application to the ; or track and participate in ServiceNation activities on , , , and .

Founder and Chief Executive Officer: Alan Khazei, Be the Change, Inc.
Main Office:
2 Canal Park
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02141
Tel: (617) 252-1120
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