Our World In Data

Our World In Data

Mission: To bring together data and research on the powerful, long-run trends reshaping our world.

Background: Launched in 2011 by founder and program director Max Roser, an economist at the University of Oxford, Our World in Data is a collaborative effort of  researchers, who serve as the scientific editors of the site's content, and the nonprofit , which publishes and maintains the site and its data tools. Through their efforts, the site presents empirical evidence related to global development organized by topic, with a focus on slow but long-running trends. The overall goal is to communicate how global living conditions are gradually changing and to be a complementary source of information to the global news we all are exposed to and consume. Recent "explainers" on the site, for instance, look at , , and .

Outstanding Web Features: Visitors to the site can begin their research by choosing one of the two hundred and ninety-seven on the site, or scroll down to view a list of the site's most popular research. The site also offers 2,746  that can be filtered by title. Also of interest is the site's , which presents data across all available indicators from the Our World Database, allowing people around the globe to hold their governments accountable for progress toward the SDGs. Teachers visiting the site can take advantage of its robust , while others can learn more about the site's  and  behind the site, check out new posts and explainers on the site's , and/or make a .

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