Nonprofit Good Practice Guide


The Nonprofit Good Practice Guide is a project of the Philanthropic and Nonprofit Knowledge Management (PNKM) Initiative, which seeks to capture, organize, disseminate, and promote the use of good practices in the nonprofit sector.

Purpose of Site:
The online guide offers answers to a variety of questions about managing nonprofits by providing hands-on tips, articles, and profiled links to lead nonprofit managers to sources that contain valuable information. Preferred practices and pitfalls, glossaries of nonprofit terms, resources, and Web site profiles and links are currently available for four topics — fundraising and financial sustainability, governance, staff development and organizational capacity, and accountability and evaluation — with five more to be added throughout the year.

The at was launched in 1992 with support from the to focus on the study and teaching of nonprofit management and other issues related to philanthropy and voluntarism. The Center's Philanthropic and Nonprofit Knowledge Management Initiative, funded by a five-year $3.3 million grant from the Kellogg Foundation, aims to improve nonprofit effectiveness through the Nonprofit Good Practice Guide and support funder effectiveness through the Grantmaking School, a new program that will be introduced in 2004 as the first university-based program for teaching the techniques and ethics of grantmaking to foundation program officers.

Home Page:
The home page of the Nonprofit Good Practice Guide offers a brief explanation of its purpose and how to use the site. A toolbar across the top of the page provides links to the , , , and sections of the site. The guide's nine topics are listed in the middle of the home page, and users can read a brief overview of each by moving the mouse over the topic name.

Outstanding Feature:
Each topic has a main page on the site, which includes a description of the topic and links to detailed preferred practices and pitfalls; annotated Web links to other organizations involved with the topic; a glossary of related terms; and a search function to help find relevant books, journals, newsletters, articles, guides, and audio/video resources. For example, the topic of offers and for dealing with donors, definitions of terms such as historical cost and receivables, and annotated links to organizations such as the and the . The site also has information on the topics of , , and , and it plans to add resources for volunteer management, communications and marketing, operations management and leadership, advocacy, and technology in the coming months.

Honorable Mention:
The search tool allows users to create a targeted search for information in one or more topic areas, with the option of using keywords. Users can also choose to search one or more types of media — books, journals, newsletters, articles, guides, and audio/video.

PNKM Initiative Director: Dr. Joel J. Orosz

Project Manager: Angela Vander Hulst
Main Office:
Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership
DeVos Center - 276C, Grand Valley State University
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504
Tel: (616) 331-7585
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Organization: w. k. kellogg foundation
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