NGO Aid Map

NGO Aid Map

To make data on international development and humanitarian efforts publicly accessible through interactive maps and data visualizations.

An initiative of , a coalition of humanitarian aid and development organizations working around the globe, the aims to promote transparency, facilitate partnerships and improve coordination among InterAction members, help guide decisions with respect to resource allocation, inform policy advocacy, and publicize the work of nongovernmental organizations to the broader public. Funded by FedEx and the International Fund for Agricultural Development, the map provides detailed information submitted by its on currently active projects.

Outstanding Web Features:
Visitors to the site can browse nearly three thousand projects run by almost a hundred NGOs by clicking on the map to zoom in on a specific country; filter the display by sector, organization, donor, or location; or search a project list by keyword. Users also can overlay the map with additional data sets, including poverty rates, malnutrition rates, and the share of agriculture in a country's GDP, or toggle between "roadmap," "terrain," "satellite," and "hybrid" views. Each project profile includes the name of the implementing organization; a project description; information about the project timeline, budget, donor(s), target group(s), number of people reached, and cross-cutting issues; contact information; and links to the project website as well as related projects.

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July 5, 2018