New Routes to Community Health

New Routes to Community Health

To use local media to improve the health of new immigrants and refugees.

New Routes to Community Health is a national program of the , with direction and technical assistance provided by the and , a consulting firm specializing in media and community collaborations. The program aims to employ the model to help new immigrants in eight communities around the United States address public health challenges through local media. New Routes grantees — local partnerships of immigrant organizations, media production centers, and established community institutions — will create radio shows, videos, newsletters, and other content to give immigrants a voice and enable them to exchange information with one another and their communities. To further support those initiatives, New Routes offers training conferences, site visits, and ongoing communication via phone, e-mail, and its Web site, which also serves as an information hub, connecting grantees to other groups doing similar work.

Outstanding Web Features:
Visitors to the New Routes site can listen to radio programs, watch videos, view photos, and read stories about recent immigrants to the U.S. Specific features are accessible via the , which is searchable alphabetically or by tag, topic, or immigrant population. The site also features a searchable database of . Visitors to the site may also contribute their own and resources; explore a database of that features stories about the cultures, achievements, and challenges of newcomers to America; and comment on items in the site's .

Program Director: Beth Mastin, president, MasComm Associates
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