Minnesota Toolkit for Giving

Minnesota Toolkit for Giving

Mission: To help potential donors relate the issues they most care about to charitable giving through the presentation of comprehensive, unbiased information.

Launched in 2000 by the , working with , the Minnesota Toolkit for Giving is a one-stop resource for potential and novice givers. Supported by eleven funders, the toolkit contains information provided by the and the .

Outstanding Web Features:
This toolkit Web site addresses the four "W's" of giving: , , , and (summed up in a ) — as well as the all-important . The Web site also provides suggestions; , including those tailored to and ; and about the giving decisions and experiences of twelve Minnesotans.

VP, Information Services: Jane Ferguson Otis
Main Office:
Minnesota Council on Foundations
100 Portland Avenue South, Suite 225
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401-2575
Tel: (612) 338-1989
Tel: (612) 337-5089
Location: Minneapolis; Minnesota


December 20, 2017