Institute for Dynamic Educational Advancement

Institute for Dynamic Educational Advancement

To enhance scientific, artistic, and cultural literacy by improving how people find and interact with online information.

Launched in 2002, IDEA works to enhance the ways in which people think, learn, and use technology, both in and out of the realm of formal education. The organization's projects and programs are designed to spur learners to explore virtually any topic and apply critical thinking skills. To support Web-based learning, IDEA also supports ongoing research and development.

Outstanding Web Features:
The IDEA Web site features an overview of the organization's , including , an interactive online museum of science, humanities, and culture; , which uses radial mapping to display online information; and , which helps Web designers choose color palettes in 3D space. The explores how Web-based learning, technological tools, and hands-on activities can increase online interaction, while the allows visitors to experience different types and degrees of color blindness and cataracts. Site visitors also are encouraged to support with their , , and/or by making a .

Executive Director: Michael Douma
Main Office:
616 Great Falls Road
Rockville, Maryland 20850
Tel: (301) 358-5258
Subjects: education


May 10, 2017