Great Lakes. Great Impact.

Great Lakes. Great Impact.

To showcase the impact of the , an effort led by the to coordinate action to protect and revitalize the Great Lakes ecosystem.

Launched in 2015 by the in collaboration with the , the Great Lakes. Great Impact. website highlights efforts by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative to help fund cleanup actions required to delist five Great Lakes Areas of Concern and the Presque Isle Bay Area of Concern. Since the initiative began targeting federal funds and coordinating federal, state, and local government efforts in 2010, White Lake in Michigan and Presque Isle Bay in Pennsylvania have been delisted.

Outstanding Web Features:
Visitors to the site can read about projects in , , , , , , , and — including maps, photographs, videos, and descriptions of the project’s geographic scale, restoration efforts, outcomes to date, economic impact, costs, leveraged funding, and collaborative approach — or contribute their own stories about participating in restoration or conservation efforts in the Great Lakes Region. Users also can download that summarizes efforts in each state; watch about the restoration sites; or sign up to receive updates.

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