Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation

Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation

To support and encourage those educational, cultural, social, and environmental values that contribute to making our society more humane and our world more livable.

Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge was the daughter of William and Almira Rockefeller, and the niece of John D. Rockefeller Sr. She married Marcellus Hartley Dodge, scion of the Remington Arms Company, and they lived on an estate in Madison, New Jersey, where she pursued an interest in raising and showing dogs. Dodge was a philanthropist until her death in 1973, and the foundation bearing her name was created in 1974. Her will provided for the trustees to set the policies and direction of the foundation's work, but it also contained suggestions, which the trustees have followed, in establishing three areas of giving: animal welfare, encouragement of the arts, and local projects in Morris County, New Jersey. The trustees have developed grantmaking in two additional areas: elementary and secondary education and the environment. Grants are awarded primarily in New Jersey, and in 2003, they totaled more than $20 million.

Outstanding Features:
The Web site provides a short of Geraldine R. Dodge, and descriptions of foundation and initiatives, including the Dodge (the biennial is the largest poetry event in North America), frontiers for , , and . The site supplies and information about the Dodge , the mission of which is to improve the performance of nonprofit organizations ("including our own") through a more thoughtful, sustained, and sophisticated approach to assessment.

Executive Director: David Grant
Main Office:
163 Madison Avenue
P.O. Box 1239
Morristown, New Jersey 07962
Tel: (973) 540-8442
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Location: National; New Jersey


September 13, 2017