Freedom from Hunger

Freedom from Hunger

Mission: To bring innovative and sustainable self-help solutions to the fight against chronic hunger and poverty.

Freedom from Hunger began as , established in 1946 to relieve and prevent starvation using an inexpensive, high-protein powdered food supplement it developed that is still used in relief efforts today. The organization later implemented applied nutrition programs primarily for mothers and children, and developed an integrated microfinance/health/nutrition education program called Credit with Education that now serves more than 360,000 families in seventeen nations. In 1979, Meals for Millions merged with the American Freedom from Hunger Foundation.

Outstanding Web Features:
In the section of the Web site, visitors take of some areas where Freedom from Hunger has a presence, meet some with whom it works, watch staff from the field, view the of photojournalist Karl Grobl, and read or sign up for the newsletter. The site also features descriptions of the organization's worldwide programs, including and the and initiatives; the where it works; its ; facts about ; and .

President: Christopher Dunford
Main Office:
1644 DaVinci Court
Davis, California 95616
Tel: (800) 708-2555
Tel: (530) 758-6111
Subjects: agriculture / food