Floodlight Project

Floodlight Project

To empower community members to share their own experiences and knowledge through online storytelling to inspire action and improve people's lives.

Developed in partnership with and the , with support from the , , and foundations, the Floodlight Project uses a free, open source platform to help Colorado residents shine a light on issues while contributing to a larger story about their community. It aims to strengthen communities by enabling individuals and organizations to publish online stories that are backed up by data and enhanced by multimedia, increasing awareness of local issues and enabling residents to share their thoughts.

Outstanding Web Features:
Visitors to the site can by topic, location, organization, and project (collection) or by adding to a template materials such as text, photos, videos, and data visualizations; uploading or linking to source data; tagging the story; and posting it to Floodlight and other social networks. They also can explore tools and tips on the , , , , and the open licensing system.

Contact: Jordan Wirfs-Brock
Main Office:
c/o Jordan Wirfs-Brock
370 17th St., Suite 5300
Denver, Colorado 80202
Tel: (303) 454-3783


February 14, 2019