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To see that all low-income people in the United States have the opportunity for fit and affordable housing and to move up and out of poverty into the mainstream of American life. The Enterprise Foundation rebuilds communities by working with partners to provide low-income people with affordable housing, safer streets, and access to jobs and childcare. It also helps strengthen nonprofit organizations working in the community development field.

Purpose of Site:
To provide information about the organization and its offices in twenty cities nationwide and disseminate resources to organizations working to improve their local communities.

Founded in 1982 by Jim and Patty Rouse, the Enterprise Foundation fulfills its mission by providing loans, grants, and technical assistance to nonprofit organizations that are building and revitalizing local neighborhoods. Its national network includes more than 2,200 nonprofit organizations, public housing authorities, and Native American Tribes in 800 locations.

Since its inception, the foundation and its family of related organizations have raised and invested $3.9 billion in loans, equity, and grants to create 111,000 homes for low-income people. Since 1986, it has helped place more than 35,000 people in jobs offering decent wages and growth opportunities.

Home Page:
The top of the Enterprise Foundation's home page invites users to dive into the site with a number of options, including links to the , , , , and areas, in addition to the , , Program Cities, and Information For You sections. The main body of the page features news items and updates, and the sidebar on the left side of the home page offers more links, including , , and .

Outstanding Feature:
For twenty years, the Enterprise Foundation has gained expertise in the various community development activities necessary to build healthy communities, and it shares much of that experience with its online . For example, the includes how-to guides, model documents, program descriptions, and spreadsheet templates for implementing community development, childcare programs, and workforce development. Other online resources include , , , , , , , , and .

Honorable Mention:
The section of the Web site assists organizations launching or improving community-based programs with information and resources specifically targeted in the areas of , , , , , , and . For each topic, the foundation outlines its work in the area, explains how its resources can help organizations, and provides additional references and links.

Chairman and CEO: Bart Harvey
Main Office:
10227 Wincopin Circle, Suite 500
Columbia, Maryland 21044
Tel: (800) 611-4298
Tel: (410)964-1918


March 12, 2019