Doing Good Asia Knowledge Portal

Doing Good Asia Knowledge Portal

Mission: To identify and disseminate best practices, models, policies, and strategies that can contribute to positive change in the social investment sector across Asia....

Background: Developed by the ), the Doing Good Knowledge Portal highlights social sector trends, developments, best practices, and challenges in sixteen Asian economies, including those of China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Through the portal, CAPS is committed to increasing understanding of the fundamental strengths and cultural practices in Asia; disseminating research and promoting public policies that enable the giving and receiving of private social investment in the region; working with philanthropists and corporate donors to increase the impact of their investments; enhancing the efficacy of organizations that deliver social services in the region; influencing the adoption of business rigor and tools in the charitable sector; and creating a regional community of stakeholders working toward shared goals.

Outstanding Web Feature: The inaugural  (available as a free download with registration) examines the enabling environment for philanthropy and private social investment across fifteen Asian economies. Organized into four areas — tax and fiscal policy, regulatory regimes, socio-cultural ecosystem, and government procurement — the index reveals how Asian countries are catalyzing philanthropic giving and serves as a unique body of data for Asian governments, nonprofits, foundations, and charities. Under tax and fiscal policy, for example, the index finds that 96 percent of nongovernmental organizations in the region believe that a charitable tax deduction is important to corporate donors, but notes that the value of the deduction varies greatly across the region, from 0 percent in Myanmar to 250 percent in Singapore. The index also finds that the regulatory landscape differs greatly from country to country — a finding that supports CAPS' contention that a more transparent and efficient registration process would level the playing field and open the social sector up to many more investors. 

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April 9, 2019