Denver Foundation


The Denver Foundation is a community foundation dedicated to improving the quality of life in the seven counties in the Denver metropolitan area.

Purpose of Site:
The foundation's Web site provides information about the organization's history, services for donors, grantmaking programs, and current initiatives that support the Denver community. It also provides detailed instructions and procedures for grantseekers.

Leaders in the Denver banking community pooled estate gifts that had been left to their institutions for a variety of charitable purposes in 1925 to create a single endowment to support charitable programs in the area. The foundation awarded its first grant worth $500 in 1927 to the Community Chest, the predecessor of Mile High United Way. Today, the foundation's assets have grown to total nearly $200 million.

Home Page:
The site greets visitors with a quote from Winston Churchill, which is followed by the foundation's name and logo, and then users are whisked to the navigable home page. Along the left side of the page are links to the main sections of the site: , , , , , , , and . Users can select one of those main links or choose a more specific option from the pop-up menu that appears by moving the mouse over each of the main headings.

Outstanding Feature:
The site provides clear instructions to grantseekers about how to apply for awards in the foundation's four major focus areas of arts and culture, civic and education, and health and human services. Under the option of the main menu, users can access a menu of specific pages covering , , , , and a . Grantseekers can also view lists of that are organized by category.

In addition, the site provides information to grantseekers about the foundation's special funds, which include the , which provides funding to help nonprofits function more effectively and efficiently; the that supports innovative media projects providing a voice to traditionally underrepresented and disenfranchised people; and the that awards grants of up to $5,000 to support neighborhood strengthening projects designed by residents.

Honorable Mention:
Catering to prospective donors, the site provides extensive and a variety of options for contributions. At the heart of the foundation are dozens of permanent endowment funds that provide the income that fuels its grantmaking. Those wishing to set up donor-advised funds can access instructions on , , and a .

President and CEO: David Miller
Main Office:
950 South Cherry Street
Suite 200
Denver, Colorado 80116
Tel: (303) 300-1790
Tel: (303) 300-6547
Organization: denver foundation
Location: Colorado; Denver


July 5, 2018