To help reduce the number of pedestrians and bicyclists killed or seriously injured in traffic accidents.


 A project of New York City-based advocacy organization , CrashStat provides users with an interactive map that, based on government data from 1995 to 2009, shows where traffic accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists have happened. The site was launched with support from the and the to raise awareness about traffic violence in the metropolitan region and encourage more people to advocate for change in the way the state and city engineer roads and streets and enforce laws against dangerous driving.


Outstanding Web Features:
 Visitors to the site can search the by location, type of accident, year, and demographic information, including the age and sex of the pedestrian or bicyclist. Users also can filter search results by crash details and other contributing factors, such as "unsafe lane changing" and "impaired driving." In addition, the site offers information on , lists of the and , and a . Powered by , the map is available in standard or satellite view.

Communications Director: Michael Murphy
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Transportation Alternatives
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October 11, 2017