To provide a one-stop "counter-narrative" resource in response to energy-industry narratives and inspire positive change in the wake of environmental disasters.

Co-founded by documentary filmmaker Chris Paine and artist, producer, and activist John Quigley, launched its Web site in April 2011 on the one-year anniversary of the BP Oil Spill as a platform for promoting dialogue about reducing our dependence on non-renewable sources of energy. The site curates professional reporting, research, and citizen journalism to shed a non-corporate light on oil spills, gas explosions, nuclear accidents, and coalmine disasters. In 2012, Counterspill won in the Green and Activism categories, as well as a People's Voice in Activism award. The organization's sponsors include , the , and the .

Outstanding Web Features:
Visitors to the site can explore an interactive map and timeline of non-renewable energy disasters since 1910 that can be filtered by type (oil, gas, coal, nuclear), cleanup costs, and company, or request that a disaster be added to the database. Visitors also can search by keyword (name, type, company) and accesss a timeline of quotations taken from news accounts, survivors, witnesses, officials, and experts; photographs and videos; and "fast facts." Profiles also offers links to a broad range of articles ("Read Up"), Counterspill's own updates and a brief history of how each disaster unfolded, and a look at the scale of the disaster in terms of how many years the resources lost could have fueled a car or jet and how many wind turbines those resources could have bought. In addition to Counterspill's , which can be browsed by category, the site's landing page includes a "community feed" that links to external news items, citizen journalism, and blog posts. Last but not least, those interested in can subscribe to the organization's newsletter.

Executive Director: John Vidar
Main Office:
Los Angeles, California
Subjects: environment