To expand participation in computer science by making it available in every school and increasing interest in it among women and underrepresented students of color.

Launched in 2013 and supported by Microsoft, Omidyar Network,, Google, and other Silicon Valley corporations and philanthropists, aims to ensure that every K-12 student has an opportunity to study computer science by making it a part of the core math and science curriculum. The organization offers free tutorials, resources for educators, and advocacy tools designed to increase access to computer science education and help close the gap between the number of available computer programming jobs and the number of U.S. college graduates with CS degrees.

Outstanding Web Features:
Visitors to the site can browse video that teach the basics of several programming languages — from drag-and-drop programming for kids, to an introduction to JavaScript for middle school students, to iPhone game development for high schoolers. Educators can access such as featuring Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg,, and others talking about the importance of coding; and for teaching an Hour of Code based on the tutorials; and free K-12 computer science ; they can also learn how to partner with to bring CS curricula to their school districts. Software engineers can sign up to help local teachers as a and/or mentor. And supporters can help advance efforts to improve CS education by downloading state-specific fact sheets or policy recommendations.

Main Office:
1301 5th Ave, Suite 1225
Seattle, Washington 98101
Tel: (707) 799-1960
Location: National; Seattle; Washington


September 13, 2017