Change by US NYC

Change by US NYC


 To foster engagement among New York City residents looking to make the city a better place to live.


 Developed by the New York City-based design firm and , Change by US NYC is an online platform administered by the that enables New Yorkers to share solutions, insights, or questions about a neighborhood or citywide issue with community-based organizations, city agencies, and other residents; raise funds for local projects; and start meet-up groups to help "green" the city. Launched with support from the , , and foundations, the project eventually will be replicated in communities nationwide.


Outstanding Web Features:
 Visitors to the site can ideas submitted by others, new ideas, join or create a , browse or add that can advance a community effort, follow developments through a , and/or connect with others.

Contact: Bob Richardson, Office of the Mayor
Main Office:
253 Broadway #9
New York, New York 10007
Location: New York City


October 11, 2017