Cape Cod Volunteers

Cape Cod Volunteers

To create a network of organizations and opportunities that informs, inspires, and engages people of all ages and backgrounds in volunteering opportunities that strengthen the Cape Cod community.

In 2006, the received a grant from to assess the civic engagement of older adults living on Cape Cod and discovered that while there was a population of residents interested in volunteering, there were a number of barriers preventing them from doing so. To that end, the Cape Cod Volunteers Web site was launched in partnership with and to centralize the region's volunteer opportunities and match those interested in volunteering with organizations in need of volunteers.

Outstanding Web Features:
Supported by , the , the , and an anonymous donor whose gift was matched by the , the site features a keyword-searchable database of volunteer opportunities. Site visitors can also by interest or type and browse (log-in required). Each listing includes detailed information about the position, the agency, and key contact information. In addition, the Web site features an and a .

Volunteer Initiative Coordinator: Katie Mueller
Main Office:
Cape Cod Foundation
259 Willow Street
Yarmouthport, Massachusetts 02675
Tel: (800) 947-2112
Tel: (508) 790-4069