To facilitate engagement, catalyze collaboration, and promote strategic decision making in advancing the field of black male achievement, serving as a resource not only to funders but also to nonprofits, policy makers, and others interested in fostering the achievement of African-American males.

A project of the and the , aims to highlight the role of philanthropy in supporting African-American men and boys and challenge foundations and philanthropists to make long-term commitments to "revers[ing] the serious damage inflicted over many years of systemic injustice." Building on the 2012 report , the portal features a variety of related to BMA-related projects, including funding data, research, multimedia content, and a of philanthropic milestones in the field.

Outstanding Web Features:
Visitors to the site can explore of economic, social, and physical well-being for African-American males as well as information about disparities African-American males face in the areas of education, employment, health, family structure, and incarceration. An interactive enables visitors to see who is funding which organizations in support of BMA-related projects and to filter the results to show the number of grants for specific issue areas and/or population groups by region; grant details, including grantmaker, recipient organization and location, year, and amount; and demographic data — e.g., African-American males as a percentage of total population, percentage of African-American males who are unemployed, and percentage who have at least a bachelor's degree — by county or state. In addition, visitors can browse , search the for datasets, survey instruments, and protocols for assessing the impact of various projects; and link to the of other organizations committed to improving the lives of and outcomes for African-American men and boys.

Director of Research for Special Projects: Seema Shah
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