Better World Campaign (BWC)

Better World Campaign (BWC)

To build a stronger relationship between the United States and the United Nations through advocacy and outreach to policy makers, the media, and the American public.

BWC is a project of the , which was created by Ted Turner as part of his historic $1 billion gift to the UN.´┐ŻLaunched in 1999, BWC calls attention to the role and value of the UN in finding shared solutions that promote peace and prosperity around the world.´┐ŻSince its inception, BWC has helped build support for re-payment of $926 million in U.S. debt to the UN under the Helms-Biden agreement; assisted U.S. re-entry into the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO); helped build support for the creation of the Democracy Fund, Peacebuilding Commission, Ethics Office, and Human Rights Council; and spurred improvements in UN management.

Outstanding Web Features:
The Better World Campaign Web site features about UN peacekeeping activities and a forum devoted to public discussions of current events, including . Visitors to the site can also by signing online petitions that address key issues sent to Congress and the United Nations; send telling friends about BWC; and download that can be added to their personal blogs, Web pages, or social networking profiles.

Outreach Director: Nicole Sawran
Main Office:
1800 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Suite 400
Washington, District of Columbia 20036
Tel: (202) 462-4900
Tel: (202) 462-2686
Subjects: public affairs