Women & Philanthropy

Women & Philanthropy
Founded: 1977

To provide leadership using philanthropy to leverage the power of women and girls in creating a just and peaceful world.

About the Organization:
Women & Philanthropy is a national non-grantmaking advocacy group with 630 individual members and seventy institutional members. Through its research, publications, conferences, and services, the organization educates, mobilizes, and encourages mainstream and new philanthropy to promote equitable funding for women and girls while empowering diverse women's leadership. It builds connections and partnerships with members and other funders to work on issues affecting women and girls, and keeps issues critical to women on the front burner of the philanthropic agenda. The organization recognizes the impact of socio-economic status, race and ethnicity, and other factors on women's ability to achieve and advance; it addresses racial injustice by focusing on issues critical to women of color; and gathers and disseminates best — and promising — practices regarding funding for women and girls through its Web site, listserv, and publications.

Current Programs:
Women & Philanthropy's annual $10,000 LEAD award honors leadership in philanthropy for promoting equity and diversity in grantmaking. Its Gender & Education Initiative convenes funders of education initiatives and programs for women and girls to develop a network of philanthropists working on education issues with a gender focus. Its Women of Color Leadership Caucus offers board chairs at major foundations who are women of color the opportunity to interact with peers, enhance their leadership effectiveness, and advance philanthropy to meet the needs of women and girls. The organization is in the process of forming the Women's Health & Safety Initiative. It partners with Jankowski & Associates, a philanthropy research firm, to produce custom reports for regional and issue-based groups. Together they published The Leading 100 New Foundations Funding Women and Girls, available for a charge. In addition, Women & Philanthropy has commissioned the forthcoming book Effective Philanthropy: Organizational Success Through Deep Diversity and Gender Equality, by Mary Ellen Capek and Molly Mead, to be published by MIT Press.

Web Site:
The Women & Philanthropy Web site contains information on programs; publications, including The Case for Better Philanthropy: The Future of Funding for Women and Girls, available for a charge, and the free Safety and Violence in Women's Lives: a Community Issue; news; allied organizations; institutional supporters; and board members. It also provides information on grantmakers that fund programs seeking equity for women and girls, and a resource list.

Major support for Women & Philanthropy comes from membership fees, individuals, private foundations, and corporate foundations.

Contact: Kimberly Otis, President and CEO
Phone: (202) 887-9660
Fax: (202) 861-5483