Women in Islam

Women in Islam
Founded: 1992

Mission: To advance the spiritual and intellectual development of Muslim women and empower them as dynamic participants in civil society and advocates for human rights and social justice.

About the Organization: Founded in 1992 in response to atrocities perpetrated against Muslim women in "rape camps" during the war in Bosnia,  seeks to provide a forum through which Muslim women can advocate on issues that affect them and their community. Launched as a volunteer-run grassroots organization, the New York City-based group works to bring Muslim women's perspectives to public discourse on a range of critical issues.

Current Programs: The organization is active in  through its work with other Muslim organizations, interfaith groups, elected officials, and the diplomatic community, while its activities in the area of have included convening  forums on topics such as health as a human right and ongoing humanitarian crises, as well as the , an effort to revitalize the mosque as a place of dignity for women. The organization also offers a .

Programs in the area of include the , which honors women of all backgrounds and faiths who demonstrate an unwavering dedication to serving humanity, and the , a leadership development project that uses culture, art, and storytelling to build community among Muslim women of diverse backgrounds. The organization also works to provide through presentations at schools, interfaith groups, and in corporate settings.

Website: Visitors to the Women in Islam site can learn more about recent and , browse a variety of , stay abreast of its work through its , and/or make a .

Funding: Women in Islam is funded by individuals and program service revenue.

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Lincolnton Station
New York, New York 10037