United States Artists

United States Artists
Founded: 2006

To nurture, support, and strengthen the work of America's individual artists.

About the Organization:
United States Artists was founded in 2006 in response to an Urban Institute report that found that while many artists enjoy success in commercial markets, many more live on the economic margins of society. Despite generous private-sector support for art museums, theaters, and opera houses, support for individual artists was found to be fragmented and relatively meager. In response, USA was founded with the goal of honoring an artist's vision in its entirety, rather than as something tied to a specific project.

Current Programs:
Although it has always been easy to make gifts to art institutions in the United States, making tax-deductible gifts to individual artists has been a challenge. USA enables donors to directly support individual artists at all stages of their careers through its signature program. The program is still in its initial three-year pilot phase, during which time USA plans to distribute unrestricted grants of $50,000 to a hundred and fifty artists working in the areas of architecture and design, crafts and traditional arts, dance, literature, media, music, and the theater and visual arts. Artists are nominated for fellowships by an anonymous panel of leaders in their field, critics, scholars, and other artists. Discipline-specific peer panels composed of leading artists and art experts meet to review artists' applications and select program finalists. The USA Board of Directors approves the final recommendations.

Web Site:
The USA Web site includes bios of each of its and fellows, a list of , and information on how to or . The site also features an and of some of its fellowship recipients.

United States Artists receives funding from individuals, corporations, and foundations.

Contact: Katharine DeShaw, Executive Director
Phone: (113) 857-5857
Fax: (113) 857-5867