The Bravewell Collaborative

The Bravewell Collaborative
Founded: 2002

To bring about optimal health and healing for individuals and society.

About the Organization:
Founded by a small group of philanthropists, the Bravewell Collaborative is an operating foundation that unites funders, healthcare providers, and consumers in the common cause of improved health care for all. It chooses and manages its own initiatives, all of which support the advancement of integrative medicine by creating systemic change and translating emerging knowledge into broad practice. Since its creation, the collaborative has created a clinical network of eight integrative medicine clinics to develop models for the delivery of integrative medicine. It has also produced a PBS program on integrative medicine called , which aired in March 2006, and funded the infrastructure and expansion of the .

Current Programs:
Since its creation, the Bravewell Collaborative has focused on of integrated medicine, conducting three studies — the most recent was completed in 2006. The recognizes physicians who are catalysts in advancing the field of integrative medicine, and the , in conjunction with the University of Arizona Medical School's program in integrative medicine, is designed to make new medicine more widely accessible. In addition, the collaborative's of eight centers develops successful models of integrative medicine care and delivery that could be shared broadly with the field.

Web Site:
The Bravewell Collaborative Web site includes sections that focus on , , and . Users can also find tips for , and the . In addition, the users can find links to its .

The Bravewell Collaborative is supported by individuals, philanthropic institutions, and corporate partners.

Contact: Diane B. Neimann, Executive Director
Phone: (612) 377-8400
Fax: (612) 377-8407


May 31, 2017