The After-School Corporation (TASC)

The After-School Corporation (TASC)
Founded: 1998

To enhance the quality, availability, and sustainability of afterschool programs in New York City and beyond, with the goal of making afterschool a public responsibility.

About the Organization:
Funded in part by a challenge grant from the , the After-School Corporation began building a citywide afterschool system in 1998 where there was none before. Today, TASC works to provide all kids in New York City with the kind of enriching, high-quality learning experiences outside of traditional school hours that are common in the lives of higher-income families. TASC supports community-based organizations that operate afterschool programs in all five boroughs of New York City, serving more than 300,000 kids in its first decade.

Current Programs:
TASC promotes research on the afterschool field and offers professional development for afterschool educators in . It also provides tailored to help kids achieve the best possible outcomes, while working to shape as a partner, coalition builder, and trusted advisor to a broad network of federal, state, and local policy makers, and elected officials.

Web Site:
Visitors to the After-School Corporation Web site can read on their afterschool experiences; search the by ZIP code; find resources and tips from the field in the ; and featured ; sign up for an ; or . The site provides a , which includes the latest public and private funding information, ongoing funding sources, and time-sensitive RFPs, and also tells visitors how they can join an afterschool and of the organization.

In addition to public funding, TASC receives support from corporations, foundations, and individuals.

Contact: Lucy N. Friedman, President
Phone: (646) 943-8700
Fax: (646) 943-8800