Founded: 2011

To improve disaster response efforts by providing easy-to-use software that empowers communities to prepare, mitigate their risk, and match resources with needs.

About the Organization:
Having experienced firsthand how the lack of a system to manage volunteers and donations, track data, and apply for disaster assistance affected relief efforts after a tornado struck Monson, Massachusetts, in 2011, Caitria O'Neill co-founded with her sister Morgan and Alvin Liang to help communities prepare and manage a long-term recovery plan in the wake of a natural disaster.

Current Programs:
offers a customizable resource management system for local disaster relief officials that includes tools for volunteer management, donation tracking, case management, and information sharing. The site also provides a listing of hotlines and disaster relief text codes; updates on community needs, donation totals, and volunteer efforts; and platforms for securing assistance, donations, and volunteers.

Web Site:
Visitors to the site can follow the progress of disaster relief and recovery efforts via "[TownName]" Web sites, learn what's new via the organization's , and/or register for e-mail updates.

Funding: is supported by foundations and nonprofit organizations. 

Contact: Caitria O'Neill, Chief Executive Officer


September 5, 2017