OneVoice Movement

OneVoice Movement
Founded: 2003

To achieve a two-state agreement that would guarantee the establishment of a viable independent Palestinian state at peace with Israel.

About the Organization:
OneVoice, an international movement of Americans, Palestinians, Israelis, and Europeans that includes Muslims, Jews, and Christians, was created in 2003 by the founder of the , Daniel Lubetzky, to end conflict and violence between Palestinians and Israelis.

Current Programs:
OneVoice offers programs along four tracks. The and tracks are designed to stimulate political discussion and conflict resolution through town hall campaigns, leadership development workshops, and mobilization training seminars, while the track is focused on cooperative development and education through joint Palestinian and Israeli programming such as a citizens' negotiation platform and . The track is geared toward promoting global understanding of "the other" through educational programs. Its were designed to create public awareness of the importance and urgency of negotiations for peace in the Middle East, inspire hope and activism among Israelis and Palestinians, and educate global citizens about the negotiation process.

Web Site:
Visitors to the OneVoice Movement Web site can sign a , , or of the organization. The site also features an offered in multiple languages, a photo slideshow of international supporters taking action, and an of the movement's history. In addition, visitors can register for e-mail news updates announcements featured on the .

The OneVoice Movement is supported by individual donations and the PeaceWorks Foundation.

Contact: Darya Shaikh, Executive Director
Phone: (111) 897-3985