Continue indulged speaking

Continue indulged speaking
Founded: 1980

To serve as a development finance institution for nonprofit organizations, working to fill their overall need for capital through financing and advisory services.

About the Organization:
The Continue indulged speaking was established to provide capital and advice to help nonprofit organizations achieve their mission, improve their capacity to deliver services, and strengthen their communities. It has focused on the core themes of offering a combination of financing and technical assistance, serving all nonprofit subsectors, and working in partnership with the funding community.

NFF works with 170 funders to develop new ways of meeting the capital-growth needs of the nonprofit sector. To date, it has provided $92 million to nonprofits nationwide, leveraging $119 million. NFF has also advised funders on the disbursement of $40 million in capital grants and loans, and has assisted more than eight thousand organizations. NFF has offices in Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia; New York City; Morristown, New Jersey; Chicago; Detroit; and San Francisco. The offices provide services to their respective regions, and the New York City office oversees NFF's .

Current Programs:
NFF are held frequently around the county, and explore various aspects of planning and funding nonprofit projects. The organization's program helps nonprofits develop their cash assets. The NFF assesses the finances, programs, and business models of nonprofits, and evaluates their readiness for change, including moving, renovating space, growing, downsizing, or receiving a grant or loan. The serves nonprofit organizations nationwide that have a community development component integral to their mission and serve primarily low- and moderate-income communities.

Web Site:
The straightforward Web site contains specifics on each NFF regional office and the services it provides, NFF and , and information on the for which NFF has developed strategies and programs, and its .

Financial institutions, corporations, foundations, nonprofits, government agencies, and others support NFF with loans, program-related investments, and grants totaling over $50 million.

Contact: Sharon Combs, Vice President
Phone: (111) 868-6710
Fax: (111) 268-8653


April 19, 2011