Network for Good

Network for Good
Founded: 2001

To inspire and enable positive social change activity through the use of the Internet. Network for Good provides a comprehensive Web site that can be used by individuals for giving and volunteering, and by nonprofits for fundraising and volunteer recruitment.

Network for Good is an independent nonprofit founded by the , the , and in partnership with more than twenty nonprofit foundations and associations that share the goal of increasing the informed use of the Internet for civic participation and philanthropy. The Web site aggregates content and resources from these leaders, organizes them, and makes them available in one comprehensive, easy-to-use destination to expand the reach and effectiveness of the Network for Good partners and participating nonprofits.

Current Programs:
Network for Good engages citizens to participate in social causes by making it easier, more convenient, and more compelling to donate money and volunteer time. Donors can visit the site to research charities and causes using the GuideStar database and then make safe and private donations directly from their Web browser. The site also includes information on how to donate wisely and how to give non-cash items. For those looking to give their time, the site taps VolunteerMatch's database of more than 100,000 volunteer opportunities. Other resources include information on crisis relief efforts and how people can take action to help.

Nonprofits can also benefit from visiting the Network for Good site. Through its Nonprofit Resources section, the site helps nonprofits employ online philanthropy by allowing them to receive donations through Network for Good or their own Web site. Organizations can also use the site to post volunteer opportunities and recruit volunteers. Other resources for nonprofits provide information on technology planning and training, buying discounted software and hardware, securing funding for technology initiatives, creating an affordable Web site, and starting on online newsletter.

Recent Successes:
In collaboration with the , Network for Good completed the new USA Freedom Corps and search engine this summer. The national search engine brings together more than 100,000 volunteer opportunities from more than 60,000 nonprofit organizations and major federal agencies, providing Americans with unprecedented access to volunteer opportunities in their own neighborhoods.

Web Site:
The home page of the Network for Good site makes it easy for Web users to begin giving with links to the Donate, Volunteer, Crisis Relief, and Nonprofit Resources areas of the site. Throughout the site, users can access search tools to look for organizations and opportunities based on keyword, interest area, geographic area, and more.

In addition to support from its founding partners, Network for Good also receives funding or in-kind gifts from the , BEA Systems, Inc., , the , Symantec, and .

Contact: Barbara Jones, Director, Non Profit Organization Relations
Phone: (408) 526-7161
Fax: (800) 886-8544


January 23, 2007