Near East Foundation

Near East Foundation
Founded: 1915

To help people in the Middle East and Africa build the future they envision for themselves.

About the Organization:
A group of New Yorkers led by Cleveland H. Dodge, an official of the Phelps Dodge copper mining corporation, established Near East Relief in 1915 — chartered by the U.S. Congress — to assist victims of Armenian genocide and deportations in Turkey; the organization was renamed the Near East Foundation (NEF) in 1930. Focused on community development at the grass-roots level, NEF's almost exclusively local overseas staff joins the organization's resources with those of its partners in initiatives that fight poverty, disease, malnutrition, and illiteracy to make each project self-sustaining.

Current Programs:
NEF now funds projects in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Lesotho, Mali, Morroco, Sudan, Swaziland, and the West Bank, and will resume work in Armenia in the fall. Among its current efforts, the organization has developed a nursing curriculum in Egypt, a poverty-reduction initiative (with programs available in six languages) in 125 Malian villages, capacity building in Jordan through the creation of business plans for community-based organizations, and special emergency relief services in Lebanon.

Web Site:
The NEF Web site highlights NEF's Center for Development Services, established in Cairo in 1990 to support community development initiatives; NEF resource centers and libraries in Egypt, Sudan, and elsewhere; and NEF efforts to incorporate information and communications technology in projects to increase their impact. In addition, the site features information on how the organization works, its accomplishments in 2005, reports from the field, videos, publications, and free registration for the NEF newsletter.

The Near East Foundation is supported primarily by grants from foundations and government agencies, as well as by organizations such as the United Nations and the Red Crescent Society.

Contact: Linda Jacobs, Executive Director
Phone: (212) 425-2205
Fax: (212) 425-2350