National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy
Founded: 1976

The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting philanthropy that addresses the unmet needs of disadvantaged populations, including very low-income communities, people of color, people of various sexual orientations, and other groups that are marginalized and face discrimination. The organization works to make philanthropy more relevant to critical public needs and more open and accountable in order to create a more just and democratic society. NCRP conducts action research, provides technical assistance to nonprofits, and engages in policy advocacy. Its reform activism targets foundations, corporations, individual donors, and workplace fundraising.

NCRP was founded in 1976 as a watchdog organization to make philanthropic institutions more accountable and accessible to the disadvantaged. In its first decade, the organization fought for and won the right of advocacy and nontraditional charities to participate in the , the largest workplace charity drive in the United States.

In the early 1980s and again in the mid-1990s, NCRP worked with and other advocacy groups to oppose legislation that proposed to limit lobbying by nonprofits that receive federal grants. NCRP has continued to fight for the lobbying rights of these nonprofits at the state level in recent years.

Current Programs:
NCRP provides nontraditional advocacy nonprofits with assistance in workplace fundraising strategies. It also encourages foundations to support advocacy, applied policy research, leadership development, and citizen action. NCRP has recently embarked on a campaign to make foundations increase their annual payout because foundation giving has declined as a percent of assets, despite fifteen years of booming asset growth. The "One Percent More" initiative, a partnership between NCRP and the , seeks to raise the payout level of private foundations from five percent of total assets to six percent, moving another $3.3 billion in grants from assets to social change.

The organization is extending its national approach to promoting responsive philanthropy to the state level through research. NCRP began with the mapping of California's nonprofit public policy advocacy infrastructure with an emphasis on social justice issues. By mapping the nonprofit advocacy infrastructure in U.S. states, NCRP seeks to provide a useful tool to both funders and nonprofits.

Recent Successes:
NCRP has published its findings on the advocacy infrastructure in California in a report called "A Democratic Landscape: Funding Social Change in California." The organization has also released the report "Grants: Corporate Grantmaking to Racial/Ethnic Communities," which surveys the giving of 111 corporations in 15 industrial sectors to racial/ethnic organizations.

Web Site:
The organization's provides information on NCRP, its mission, staff, and activities, including current projects and research efforts. The site also offers extensive information on NCRP's advocacy efforts throughout the history of the organization. In addition, advocacy groups can go to the site to find out how to become a member of NCRP.

Contact: Rick Cohen, President
Phone: (202) 387-9177
Fax: (202) 311-5084


December 25, 2018