National Center on Family Homelessness

National Center on Family Homelessness
Founded: 1988

To discover what works, educate and inspire, and take action to end family homelessness in America.

About the Organization:
For almost twenty years, the National Center on Family Homelessness (NCFH) has served homeless children and their families through research and evaluation to understand the causes and consequences of family homelessness and identify solutions. In addition to serving as an advocate, NCFH creates and implements programs; supports shelters and families; and integrates systems to enable various services to work together.

Current Programs:
The National Collaborative on Trauma Surviving Homeless Children is a partnership betwen NCFH, the Trauma Center (Brookline, MA), and Vanderbilt Institute for Public Policy Studies (Nashville, TN). Its goal is to increase knowledge about trauma experienced by homeless children and their parents; define best practices for the systems that serve them; develop strategies to increase access and decrease barriers to mainstream services such as childcare and transportation; ensure cultural and linguistic inclusion in regional training curricula, assessment tools, and intervention manuals; and help develop cross-system partnerships. The OrganWise Guys Younger Years interactive program addresses obesity in young children by teaching them the importance of good nutrition and physical activity, using curriculum adapted by NCFH and Wellness Inc. for homeless pre-school children living in shelters. The Katrina Project, a partnership between NCFH, the National Health Care for the Homeless Council (Nashville, TN), and the OrganWise Guys (Duluth, GA), is a training program where teachers and caregivers learn to recognize the impact of traumatic stress on families who survived the December 2005 hurricane and help them heal. And Bounce Back is an early intervention program for young children who have experienced violence.

Web Site:
The NCFH Web site provides fact sheets, publications, and online resources related to homelessness; and information for families who are or could become homeless. The site also lists NCFH partners and funders.

The NCFH is supported primarily by foundation grants and federal funding.

Contact: Ellen Bassuk, M.D., President
Phone: (617) 964-3834, ext. 10, or (800) 962-4676, ext. 1
Fax: (617) 244-1758


May 31, 2017