Leveraging Investments in Creativity

Leveraging Investments in Creativity
Founded: 2004

To improve conditions for artists working in all disciplines so they can more readily do their creative work and contribute to community life.

About the Organization:
Leveraging Investments in Creativity (LINC) is a ten-year national initiative that was founded in direct response to the findings of a national study, , published by the in 2003. In all its program areas, LINC works with local and national innovators and with strategic partners both in and outside the arts.

Current Programs:
Through the program, LINC works with local partners in fourteen communities nationwide to identify and address issues that affect artists and to forge a network of communities that seek to improve local environments in which artists live and work. The is designed to improve the health and welfare of working artists. The creates new ideas and strategies to increase the supply of affordable space for artists. The program seeks to create an online index of artists, advocates, support organizations, and funders to connect artists to the resources they need to live and work.

Funded by the , the program recognizes and strengthens exemplary artistic practice representing the changing demographics in the United States. Through the program, LINC awards a series of two-year pilot grants and documents the work produced by artist-recipients. The — a multiyear pilot project funded by LINC, the , and the — initiates and implements strategies that support long-term artist-university interaction. And features the , a ten-year effort to support the conservation, growth of, and education about Cambodian performing arts in the United States and Cambodia.

Web Site:
The LINC site provides such as case studies and examples of successful artist-space projects, a , and information for current LINC that is accessible only to them.

Primary support for LINC comes from the Ford Foundation; additional funding has been provided by the Rockefeller, Cummings, Surdna, Paul Allen, and John S. and James L. Knight foundations.

Contact: Judilee Reed, Vice President
Phone: (646) 731-1175
Fax: (646) 731-1189