Islamic Relief USA

Islamic Relief USA
Founded: 1993

Mission: To provide disaster relief and development assistance in a compassionate and dignified manner regardless of gender, race, or religion.

About the Organization: Founded in 1993,  works to provide relief assistance in the aftermath of human and natural disasters and alleviate poverty through sustainable local development projects that empower communities to better help themselves. In addition to disaster relief and emergency humanitarian aid, the organization's areas of focus include , , , , refugees, women, and water and sanitation. With regional offices in northern California, southern California, Illinois, Florida, New Jersey, Texas, and Virginia, IRUSA also works in thirty-four countries.

Current Programs: Islamic Relief USA's is the first Muslim organization to partner with the . In the wake of , the team — which previously had been helping survivors of Hurricane Matthew in North Carolina — has been working with the Red Cross to provide relief and shelter at the Dallas Convention Center for families evacuated from the greater Houston area. In addition to providing shelter management, evacuee assistance, and training for local volunteers, the IRUSA team plans to help out with disaster assessments over the coming weeks.

The organization's other projects include free health clinics in in , orphan support and sponsorship programs in and , and support for the in India.

Website: Visitors to the Islamic Relief USA can learn about the organization's focus areas and projects; watch videos or browse and news items about the organization's work; keep abreast of developments through the organization's ; and/or subscribe to IRUSA . Those interested in  can and search for events and opportunities by zip code or . (The volunteer sign-up for the shelter at the Dallas Convention Center is at capacity and closed.) Visitors also can make a  in support of specific programs/sectors and/or countries or regions, learn more about a vehicle or shares of stock, or donate to the organization via text message or other channels.

Funding: Islamic Relief USA is funded by foundations and individuals.

P.O. Box 22250
Alexandria, Virginia 22304
Phone: (703) 370-7202