International Center for Research on Women

International Center for Research on Women
Founded: 1976

Mission: To advance gender equity, inclusion, and the alleviation of poverty worldwide.

About the Organization: Founded in 1976 in response to concerns that international development interventions were benefiting men and women unequally, the works with nonprofit, government, and private-sector partners to conduct research, develop strategy, and build capacity for the promotion of evidence-based policies, programs, and practices. The organization's research has shown that poverty relief programs are more effective when women control household resources; that women pay back loans at higher rates than men when microfinance programs are designed to meet their needs; and that women in long-term relationships were becoming infected with HIV due to a lack of information and their own economic dependency on men. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the organization has regional offices in New Delhi, India, and Kampala, Uganda, and in 2016 merged with (formerly the National Council for Research on Women).  

Current Programs: ICRW's programs are focused on research, advocacy, and service delivery in seven issue areas — , including adolescent girls, well-being and youth development, and sports for development; ; , including asset building and property rights, employment, financial inclusion, women in the value chain, gender and unpaid care work, and migration; , including family planning, HIV/AIDS, and related stigma and discrimination; , including intimate partner violence; ; and .

In addition to , ICRW's offerings include an  that provides gender diagnostics, strategic guidance, initiative design, impact measurement, and trainings and workshops, as well as a range of , , and  services and solutions.

Website: Visitors to the ICRW site can learn more about individual issue areas; explore by issue area, progress status, and keyword; or browse or search a curated collection of . Visitors also can learn more about "the people, places and perspectives behind the data" via the site's , sign up to receive quarterly e-newsletters and email updates, learn how to  in empowering women and girls, and/or make a .

Funding: The International Center for Research on Women is funded by foundations, public charities, and individuals.

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Phone: (202) 797-0007


February 20, 2018