Green Guerillas

Green Guerillas
Founded: 1973

To help people create and sustain community gardens in New York City.

About the Organization:
For more than thirty years, Green Guerillas has helped New Yorkers turn vacant, rubble-strewn lots into inviting community gardens. It works with grassroots groups throughout the city to strengthen underserved neighborhoods through planting flowers, growing food, painting murals, educating youth, and creating gathering places. Each year, Green Guerillas serves two hundred grassroots groups and distributes plants and materials to forty community garden groups. The organization also offers advice and advocacy assistance to groups facing the loss of their gardens to urban development. It has more than six hundred members, including gardeners, teachers, students, artists, lawyers, businesspeople, and community and environmental activists.

Current Programs:
The Youth Mural Project uses the creative arts to forge partnerships between community gardeners and young people, who work together to design and create colorful murals for their neighborhoods; the experience nurtures kids' artistic and leadership skills, environmental awareness, and commitment to community action. The Youth Environmental Fellowship Program sets up jobs for young people at nonprofits where they can work on innovative grassroots art and environmental projects. Through the Harvest for Neighborhoods campaign, Green Guerillas helps some of Bedford-Stuyvesant's community garden groups grow more food and distribute it in their Brooklyn neighborhood.

Web Site:
The Green Guerillas Web site showcases the city's original community garden, the Liz Christy Bowery-Houston Community Garden on the Lower East Side. It also provides information on garden coalitions, related organizations, project partners and funders, composting, and press coverage of community garden activities.

Green Guerillas is funded primarily by foundation grants, and support from annual membership fees and ticket sales is growing. In addition, companies make numerous in-kind donations of plants and gardening supplies.

Contact: Steve Frillman, Executive Director
Phone: (111) 402-1121
Fax: (111) 228-6414