GRACE Communications Foundation

GRACE Communications Foundation
Founded: 1997

To increase public awareness of the relationships among food, water, and energy systems.

About the Organization:
By mobilizing philanthropic resources and collaborating with like-minded nonprofits and academic institutions, the (formerly Gracelinks, Inc.) educates consumers and advocates for policies that address the environmental and public health effects of industrial food systems, support the development of sustainable food distribution networks, result in common-sense use of water resources for energy and food production, provide clean energy alternatives to conventional power systems, and create and promote prevention techniques to help communities improve health.

Current Programs:
The organization's program offers tools and resources to help people make healthier food choices and shop and cook in more sustainable ways, while its online advocacy campaigns include , an award-winning series of animated films about factory farming.

Offerings in the area of the site include a , , a , and downloadable materials aimed at K-4 students.

The organization's aims to promote environmentally responsible energy policies and technologies through in-depth reports like , a policy guide developed in partnership with and the .

Web Site:
Visitors to the site can take an to see how much they know about resource use and conservation; learn more about policy debates involving , , and systems; and read about the of all three. They can also consult the site's — a directory of farms, stores, restaurants, Community-Supported Agriculture organizations, and other sources of sustainable food in the U.S. and Canada; search a database of ; check out the organization's blog, ; and/or to receive a monthly newsletter.

The GRACE Communications Foundation is supported by individuals, foundations, and corporations.

Contact: Scott Cullen, Executive Director
Phone: (111) 726-9161