Global Press Institute

Global Press Institute
Founded: 2006

Mission: To educate, employ, and empower women as journalists in developing media markets.

About the OrganizationFounded in 2006 by Cristi Hegranes, a former foreign correspondent, the Global Press Institute aims to build a network of professional women journalists in the developing world who earn a fair wage for reporting on their communities while raising awareness of social justice issues and increasing access to information locally.

Current ProgramsThe institute operates a that provides women in developing countries with journalism training and an opportunity for long-term employment. Every woman who completes the training program is invited to become a reporter, at a living wage, at GPI's online publication, the , which publishes news stories about issues that often are misrepresented or ignored by mainstream media outlets. To date, GPI has trained and employed more than a hundred and fifty women in nearly thirty countries.

Website: Visitors to the site can to train at the institute as a reporter; keep up with the latest developments and insights from editors around the world on the organization's ; and/or as a Global Press Journal mentor or . The site also links to the , where visitors can browse news stories by region, category (, , , , and ), or focus issue, including , , and .

Funding: GPI is funded by foundations and individuals.

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March 20, 2018