Gamaliel Foundation

Gamaliel Foundation
Founded: 1968

To help local community leaders create independent, grassroots, and faith-based community organizations that enable ordinary people to participate in political, social, economic, and environmental decisions; to provide leadership training and research on social justice issues; and to facilitate mutual learning environments and working coalitions.

About the Organization:
The is a grassroots network of nonpartisan faith-based organizations in seventeen U.S. states, South Africa, and the United Kingdom that works to empower and organize members to create equal opportunity, shared abundance, and stronger, more prosperous communities. Its work draws on Biblical scripture, Christ's life and teaching, the Torah, the Qu'ran, Catholic social teaching, the founding principles of American democracy, the U.S. civil rights movement, and other sources. Initially established to protect African-American homeowners on Chicago's West Side against discrimination by financial institutions, Gamaliel was restructured in 1986 as a community organizing leadership institute. The network provides leadership training, helps build community organizations, and leads local and national social justice campaigns.

Current Programs:
Gamaliel offers a variety of for affiliates, including weeklong national training sessions and training for and . The network's programs in include ongoing consultations and hands-on participation in the strategic planning process of each member organization. The network also provides research on and analysis of social justice issues, works to foster mutual learning, and organizes working coalitions. Currently, Gamaliel's national social justice campaigns are focused on the and ; other multi-state issues include , , , and .

Web Site:
Visitors to the site can follow social justice-related and member organization , learn about national and multi-state , browse a by state, or check out a . Visitors also can read Gamaliel's 2012 report (20 pages, PDF), search for at affiliate organizations, or make a .

The Gamaliel Foundation is supported by foundations, nonprofit organizations, and individuals. 

Contact: Ana Garcia-Ashley, Executive Director
Phone: (312) 357-2639


January 26, 2010