Delancey Street Foundation

Delancey Street Foundation
Founded: 1971

To provide a structured educational and living environment in which men and women, most of whom are ex-felons and substance abusers, can learn the skills they need to rebuild their lives.

About the Organization:
Delancey Street began with four residents and a thousand dollar loan. More than thirty years later, it has become a model rehabilitation program that has no professionals or government funding, and does not charge its clients. The residents of Delancey Street live and work together, pooling all of their income earned through a variety of work/school programs. Using the principle of "each one, teach one," the residents take responsibility for each other's welfare. A core Delancey Street principle is that people learn best by doing, and so everyone is busy learning job skills, acquiring an education, and practicing new ways of living. After an average of four years (a minimum stay of two years), residents gain an academic education, three marketable skills, accountability, responsibility, dignity, and integrity. Through the organization, over 10,000 formerly illiterate people have received high school equivalency degrees. Over 1,000 have graduated with a diploma from Delancey's state accredited post-secondary vocational academy. Thirty students have received an accredited BA from Delancey's chartered college campus, and another twenty are currently majoring in Delancey 's urban studies program at San Francisco State University. Delancey is self-governed by a board and resident councils that are one third African American, one third Hispanic/American Indian, and one third white, reflecting its population. Women comprise about 25 percent of the population and 30 to 40 percent of management. Delancey now has facilities in New Mexico, North Carolina, New York, and Los Angeles.

Current Programs:
The Delancey Street enterprises function simultaneously as businesses and as training schools, earning income for the support of the foundation while also teaching the Delancey residents multiple employment skills and life disciplines. There are a number of businesses/training schools at each of Delancey's five locations, in San Francisco; Los Angeles; San Juan Pueblo, NM; Greensboro, NC; and Brewster, NY. A sampling includes the Delancey Street Restaurant (San Francisco), the Delancey Street Caf´┐Ż and Bookstore (San Francisco), the Delancey Street Moving Company (all sites, including the largest independent moving company in Northern California), the Delancey Street Automotive Service (all sites), and handcrafted Southwestern style furniture, pottery, and art (New Mexico).

Web Site:
The Delancey Street Web site features an impressive list of the organization's accomplishments, a description of some of its training schools, information on replicating the Delancey model, and some examples of broadcast and print coverage of the organization.

Delancey Street is supported by its businesses and training schools and by donations.

Contact: Stephanie Muller, Community Relations
Phone: (415) 957-9800
Fax: (415) 512-5186


June 26, 2018