Casa de Esperanza

Casa de Esperanza
Founded: 1982

To mobilize Latinas and Latino communities to end domestic violence.

About the Organization:
Casa de Esperanza was formed after a small group of Latina activists gathered in the late 1970s to educate their communities about domestic violence and advocate for women. Over the past two decades, the organization has grown to include a shelter, a 11/7 bilingual crisis hotline, and a national network of individuals and organizations committed to improving the health and well-being of Latina communities.

Current Programs:
Casa de Esperanza leads the , which includes a research center in Atlanta that works to deliver new strategies designed to engage Latinas and their communities in ending domestic violence; a public policy initiative in Washington, D.C., that translates policy decisions into information and tools that inform and enhance the work of organizations across the country; and a technical assistance provider that works with the U.S. Department of Justice's to assist domestic violence nonprofits and other agencies that work with Latinas and their families. The organization's programs also include the , which is designed to provide Latina teens with opportunities to develop skills in leadership and public speaking; ; and , which connect Twin Cities residents to information on topics ranging from domestic violence to medical services to employment. In addition, the organization works to facilitate information-sharing, engage leaders from business and community organizations, and create opportunities for civic engagement through its (United in Strength) initiative.

Web Site:
Casa de Esperanza's site includes an (registration required), for individuals and domestic violence advocacy groups, a of events, and an . Visitors to the site can also learn more about the organization's , , and . Information on the site is available in both and .

Casa de Esperanza is supported by foundations, corporations, and individuals.

Contact: Patricia Tototzintle, Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (651) 646-5553


October 31, 2017